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Is Arena Coming Back to Fortnite?

by Asanga Wijerathna
Is Arena Coming Back to Fortnite?

Fortnite, a game cherished by many, brought a significant change in 2023 by replacing the much-loved Arena Mode with the new Ranked Mode. Arena Mode, a competitive platform used by pro players for practice and tournament preparation, offered a unique setup with its “Point System” and restricted item list. Despite its discontinuation, its legacy continues to spark curiosity among players, leaving them wondering if this fan-favorite mode will make a surprising comeback. So, the question remains: is Arena coming back to Fortnite?

Will Arena Be back in Fortnite?

Is Arena Coming Back to Fortnite?

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No, Arena will not be making a return to Fortnite soon. Most players expect the Fortnite Arena to be back with the Fortnite OG. However, besides many rumors, there is no official statement from Epic Games. The Arena was replaced with  v24.40 and discontinued from Chapter 4, season 2.

The rumors skyrocketed once the Fortnite OG was introduced 5. A lot of fans are expecting they will also see the return of Arena in this chapter. One fan had gone the extra step and added a Tiktok video with false news showing a blog as published on the Epic Games official website claiming that the Arena had just been added. The video had nearly 30k heart reactions and almost 800 comments, showing fans enthusiasm to see the Arena back.


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Is Fortnite Shutting Down in 2024?

As a player, the move to replace Fortnite Arena with the new Ranked mode brings a mixed bag of emotions. On the one hand, adding actual ranks adds a tangible element of progression, making each victory feel more rewarding.

However, the removal of the siphon and the adoption of the public loot-pool is a step back. The siphon feature in Arena Mode was crucial for mitigating third-party engagements and enabling fairer 1v1 fights. The public loot pool’s inclusion of abilities like the lightsaber and ODM gear, while entertaining in casual play, disrupts the balance of competitive matches.

Overall, I believe the Arena will not return to Fortnite anytime soon. With the constant updates and changes to the game, Epic Games may bring back a modified version of Arena. Until then, players can continue enjoying the current Ranked mode and hope for new additions to enhance their playing experience.

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