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Top 5 Murder Mystery Fortnite Map Codes

by Mohamed Amhar
Top 5 Murder Mystery Fortnite Map Codes

Fortnite has had many Murder Mystery Maps in the game recently, and today, we will look into the Top 5 map Codes. Besides Murder Mystery, there are many other maps, including Fortnite Airphoria and Only Up. But Murder Mystery seems to return every time since it’s a fan favorite. This guide will describe the Top 5 Fortnite Murder Mystery maps and their codes. 

Top 5 Murder Mystery Map Codes in Fortnite

Murder Mystery is where players must find out who the killer is, the other survivors, and the detective. This takes place inside a custom-made map by a designer. We have maps such as the Aquarium and Night Hunter on the list. 

The Top 5 Murder Mystery maps include:

#5: Minecraft Murder Mystery

#4:Bloody Mines

#3: Murder Swap

#2: Slasher Camp

#1: Ultimate Murder Mystery


#5: Minecraft Murder Mystery: 1892-1509-8081

This map is made so cleverly that it resembles Minecraft in more ways than one. In this map, you have to complete activities to earn coins. Using these coins, you can buy weapons to defend yourself. 

#4: Bloody Mines: 9300-7920-6878

This map is a little complicated. There’s one Murderer and a detective. The Murderer should kill the innocents, and the detective should kill the Murderer before he gets all the innocents. The map is based inside a mine, which makes it worse. 

#3: Murder Swap: 5893-2263-5834

This game will take quite long to complete. In the beginning, there is one Murderer and one sheriff who protects the innocents. When the sheriff or the Murderer dies, an innocent becomes the Murderer. 

#2: Slasher Camp: 4231-5223-3996

This map is just like Dead by Daylight and Prop Night. It’s a survivor vs. killer game where the survivors can work together to eliminate the killer. 

#1: Ultimate Murder Mystery: 0124-5841-7849

This map is so deceptive that it’s been featured on the YouTube channel of Fortnite itself. This is the best murder Mystery map and the most popular one today. 

Top 5 Murder Mystery Fortnite Map Codes

Image via Epic Games


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More about Top 5 Murder Mystery Map Codes in Fortnite

To access the murder mystery maps, first copy the code from above and open the game. Open creative mode and unlock your creative island. Go to one of the rifts that are around you. Interact with them, and you will be given a field to fill. In that space, paste the code and press continue. 

You will enter that map and join the lobby. From that point onwards, follow the instructions you see around you; that will be enough. This mode is excellent for people who want to play something fun instead of jumping into the high-stress environment of Battle Royale. 

Watch PWR play a Murder Mystery map code below:

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