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Everything About MW3 Leaked Mastery Camos

by Mohamed Amhar
Everything About MW3 Leaked Mastery Camos

The Mastery Camos are the Pinnacle of Status in COD MW3, and players are eager to know about everything that’s been leaked. What makes the Camos so high in demand is not the design of the Camo. The difficulty in getting it makes it so prestigious to have. They cannot be bought with money. Only grinding for it will get you the Camo. Let’s look at the latest Camos so you can be ready to get them as soon as they become available officially

MW3 Leaked Mastery Camos

According to leaked sources, there are 12 Mastery Camos, six of which will be available to unlock through the multiplayer. The other half can be opened through Zombies since they are Zombie Mastery Camos. So far, this is just a speculation. 

So, the exciting thing this time is that players can play the zombie modes for half of the Mastery Camos available in the game. Those Camos have a different look since they are Zombie Mastery Camos. You must complete challenges in zombie mode on the Urzikstan map. There will be challenges related to kills, headshots, longshots, etc. 

Zombie Mastery Camos has returned since they were fan favorites in Vanguard and Black Ops Cold War. This time, the Zombie Camos look much better as well. 

Everything About MW3 Leaked Mastery Camos

Image source: Activision via Call of Duty screenshot


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More about MW3 Leaked Mastery Camos

The Leaked information suggests that half of the Camos will be available through Multiplayer and the other half through Zombie modes. Let’s talk about the revamped Multiplayer gameplay.

There have been many changes to this multiplayer. One of them, the EMP and Hunter Drone, have returned as Killstreaks. This one was quite obvious through the trailer that COD released. The EMP was showcased when it shut down all the electronics in the area and the choppers. 

A more exciting piece of news: the Guardian killstreak is returning to COD. The Guardian is one of the most feared killstreaks to this date. The kill streak damages and ruins the game for the opposition. It has returned to Warzone in MW3. The Guardian sends shockwaves and blasts everyone in its path. It’s a nightmare to face. 

This Killstreak was a favorite of players who liked to camp throughout the map. There are mixed emotions within the community because of this. Some players love it, and some don’t. Most of this information was leaked during the COD’s next event. 

Watch the MW3 multiplayer by COD trailer below.

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