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What Is Tac Stance in MW3?

by Asanga Wijerathna
What Is Tac Stance in MW3?

Tactical Stance or ‘Tac Stance’ innovative feature is the Infinity Ward response for the gaming community to the call for a more dynamic movement system in MW3. It’s an ideal blend of hip-fire and aimed shooting, providing a tactical advantage during those intense close-quarter battles. With it, you’ll enjoy improved mobility, better visibility, and a heightened chance of survival. The best part? It’s customizable to suit your style. So, what exactly is Tac Stance in MW3, and how can you use it to your advantage?

What Does “Tac Stance” Mean in MW3?

What Is Tac Stance in MW3?

Image Source: Activision

“Tac Stance” in Call of Duty‘s Modern Warfare 3 refers to a new aiming option explicitly designed for close-quarters encounters. It provides a strategic balance between hip-fire and aiming down sights, offering increased mobility at the expense of reduced accuracy. Most weapons in the game support this alternate fire mode, which can be toggled when aiming down sights.

In other words, Tac Stance in MW3 is a hybrid between the hip-fire and aiming-down sights. If you are using mechanical shotguns without attachments, this mechanic is handy. It increases the aim walking speed more than fully aiming down sight, which makes it pretty helpful with the primary weapons.

Also, there are some weapon attachments you can adjust the spread and sprint to fire time of Tac-Stance. Therefore, Tac Stance also gives players to evaluate the pros and cons of the mechanic and build new loadouts to suit their playstyle. For instance, a tighter spread can enhance hip fire accuracy, giving players an edge in close-quarter skirmishes. On the other hand, reducing the sprint to fire time can significantly improve the player’s mobility, allowing for quick response and evasion during intense battles.

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How To Use Tac Stance In MW3?

You can use Tac Stance by default in MW3 by firing while sliding or aiming with the left trigger and pressing down the D-pad in the controller. Also, you can deactivate or choose four options for the Tac Stance from Settings. Below are the steps you need to follow.

  1. Go to the Gameplay Setting tab in settings.
  2. Select Tactical ADS Activation.
  3. Select the option from five as off, ADS + Sprint, ADS + Melee, ADS + Down Button (default), or Double-Tap ADS.

What we can recommend is to use Double-Tap ADS so you don’t have to use the D-pad. Of course, some players were comfortable with just ADS and hipfire. But The ability to slide and spray simultaneously in the middle hall will give you an edge, earning some extra kills you would typically miss.

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