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How To Fix Xbox Live Error Code 80151912

by Pramuka Ramanayake
How To Fix Xbox Live Error Code 80151912

This Xbox Live error code, 80151912, is a common error many players face. Users often see this error code when connecting to Xbox Live, which blocks them from accessing online features. Like Xbox Error Code 0x87e50033, this error can be fixed with simple solutions. Are you a player who wonders how to fix Xbox Live Error Code 80151912? This guide will tell you solutions to fix this Xbox Live error.

Xbox Live: How To Fix Error Code 80151912

Understanding the Error

Before discussing the solutions, it’s essential to understand the meaning of this error code. The error code 80151912 typically indicates a connection problem between your Xbox console and the Xbox Live servers. This error can come to both Xbox One X and Xbox 360 consoles.

How To Fix Xbox Live Error Code 80151912

Image Source: Xbox via Giga Screens

Method 1: Clearing the Cache

First, you can try clearing your Xbox console cathe files. Catch files are information stored on your computer or device. Developers use cached data to improve your online experience. But, if the Catch files are corrupted, it will cause various problems, including error code 80151912.

To clear the cache on your Xbox 360, go to the ‘Settings‘ menu and find ‘Storage.’ Once in the Storage menu, locate the ‘Clear Cache‘ option and select it to remove the cache. You may need to repeat this process multiple times.

Method 2: Restarting Your Console

Restarting your Console is sometimes the best solution for every other error, including this. Restart your Xbox by holding the power button until it turns off to give your Console a fresh start and resolve errors. Please wait a few seconds before turning it back on.

Method 3: Waiting for Dashboard Update

Sometimes, this error will appear because of dashboard beta. If you were a member of the Xbox Live Dashboard beta program but were removed for specific reasons (such as uploading a picture on a social site), you may not have access to Xbox Live or its features. In this case, you must wait until the dashboard update is released to regain access.

Contact Xbox Support

After you have tried all these solutions and the problem still hasn’t been solved, you can contact Xbox support. They are aware of the problem and have been reported to assist users. Remember that troubleshooting steps suggested by others may not work in all cases as the cause of the error can vary.

If you want to know solutions for other errors that may caused in Xbox, watch the video below.

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