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How to Defeat Zrell in BG3

by Pramuka Ramanayake
How to Defeat Zrell in BG3

Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3) is a role-playing action game developed by Larian Studios. This game launched a few months ago, and after its initial release, it became a fan favorite. In BG3, there are a lot of unforgettable and formidable characters like Karlach. As a challenge, players will meet Zrell. Are you wondering how to defeat Zrell in BG3? With the right strategies and the right approach, you can beat her. So, let’s talk more.

BG3: How To Defeat Zrell

Who is Disciple Zrell

Disciple Zrell is a powerful character in BG3. You can find her in the Moonrise Towers during one of the quests. Players encounter Disciple Zrell in an alternate version of Gauntlet of the Shar. She is known for her Black Hole Spell, which makes defeating her in combat almost impossible.

How to Prepare for the Battle

Before battling with Zrell, you must find an alternate way to Gauntlet of the Shar. Players who have received the blessing should defeat Nightsong to open a gateway to confront Disciple Zrell. Moonrise Towers is the best location to plan the attack on Zrell.

The Battle Strategy

When battling with Zrell, please do not use your most potent spells because Zrell has counterspells that can defeat them. Instead of using it, you can use abilities such as Ranged Attacks, Fire and Ice arrows, and Poisonous Weapons. 

To defeat Zrell, head to Moonrise Tower and use the Void Bulb on the most dangerous enemies. Slow them down with Grease bottles, attack from afar, and focus on taking out the weakest Zealot with the least HP. Coating weapons with poisons and utilizing Fire and Ice Arrows can also help defeat Zrell.

Post-Battle Actions

Defeating Zrell will not end the quest. After defeating her, you must beat other companions, including Zealtos, Mages, and Hunger of Hadar. Once all the enemies have been defeated, players can unlock the Ornate door and meet Ketheric Thorm.

How to Defeat Zrell in BG3

Image Source: Larian Studios via YedaJay screenshot


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Zealtos, Mages, and Hunger of Hadar in BG3

  • Zealtos: These enemies you will encounter in the game. 
  • Mages: Characters called Mages possess the ability to cast spells that have various effects on creatures and objects. Their magical powers can be utilized for attacking purposes, inflicting harm and status consequences on their enemies. 
  • Hunger of Hadar: The Hunger of Hadar is a powerful spell that belongs to the Conjuration school and has a Level 3 rating. Once cast, it creates a black sphere that causes blindness to any creatures within its range. 

Watch the video below to learn how to attack Moonrise Towers in BG3.

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