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Pokémon Go Redeem Codes October 2023

by Gayan Samaranayake
Pokémon Go Redeem Codes October 2023

Pokémon Go has released some promo codes in collaboration with Amazon in the past few months. The new month has started, and the developers have announced all the events for October. Players are curious about if there are any Pokémon Go Redeem Codes for October 2023. These redeem codes are occasionally released by the developers in collaboration with Amazon, where players get the chance to have some free items through these redeem codes.

Redeem Codes in Pokémon Go for October 2023

There are two Pokemon Go promo codes for October 2023. Niantic releases in-game promotion codes collaborated with Amazon. They are only available for players with an Amazon subscription. However, they are not always available in the gameplay and are hard to find. These redeem codes offer players to have some customizable items as well as consumables. This month, the developers have released two redeem codes as follows. 

  1. 4DSTSPX4B9AH – 2023 World Championship T-Shirt x1
  2. S76334522EHWZ – Razz Berry x7, Ghimmigoul Coin x7  

How to Get the Pokémon Go Redeem Codes in October 2023

Redeeming these codes is different based on your operating system. Here’s how you can redeem these codes based on your platform,

How To Redeem Pokémon Go Codes in Android

  • Launch the Pokémon Go App.
  • Tap the Pokeball icon on the map ti, which brings you to the main menu.
  • Then go to the sore in the main menu.
  • In the store, scroll down until you see the Promos section.
  • You can enter the Promo or the Redeem code in the Promos section.
  • After entering the redeem code into the necessary field, tap on the redeem icon to have your rewards.

How To Redeem Pokémon Go Codes on The Web (For Both Android And Ios)

  • Go to the official Niantic reward page.
  • Then log in with your trainer account to the Niantic reward page.
  • Then, enter the promo code in the text appearing.
  • After successfully entering, tap the redeem to have your rewards.
Pokémon Go Redeem Codes October 2023 Explained

Image Source: Niantic via PokemonGo App


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Pokemon Go Prime Redeem Codes in October 2023

You can get these redeem codes only if you are an Amazon Prime subscriber. These codes will be available on the Prime gaming page. Once in the prime gaming navigation panel, you can see in-game content. Then, you will be given a personal redeem code, which you can enjoy by entering the game as mentioned above. Rewards for prime gaming codes are Incense x1 and Lucky Egg x1.

Watch the video below to learn more about Pokemon redeem codes in October 2023.  

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