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Pokémon Go: Best Elite Charged TMs and How to Get Them

by Gayan Samaranayake
Pokémon Go-Best Elite Charged TMs and How to Get Them

Pokémon Go has released the best Elite Charged TMs for this month. All the players want to get their hands on these rare pieces. Just like finding a rare shiny Grubbin, this is also very hard. With the release of these items, players want to know Pokémon Go: Best elite charged TMs and how to get them. In this guide, you will be able to learn everything about these Elite Charged TMs.

Best Elite Charged TMs in Pokémon Go

Elite Charged TMs are one of the most useful and rarest items in Pokémon Go. These can teach exclusive Charged Moves to Pokémon that they can’t usually learn by evolution or with Basic Charged TMs. By learning Elite Charged TMs, players can use these in the PvP and PvE battles to perform top attack moves. Elite Charged TMs allow the players to choose and select the best attack they want to perform in battles. Another advantage of these Elite Charged TMs is allowing players to assign no longer available moves, like community day moves or legacy moves.

Here are the best Elite Charged TMs that can be used with charged moves in Pokemon Go,

  1. Psystrike – Mewtwo
  2. Rock Wrecker – Phyperiror
  3. Giga Imapct – Regigias
  4. Shadow Ball – Mewtwo
  5. Zap Cannon – Registeel
  6. Fire Punch – Groudon
  7. Origin Pulse – Kyogre
  8. Precipice Blades – Groudon
  9. Sky Attack – Moltres
  10. Grass Knot – Cresselia
  11. Meteor Mash – Metagross
  12. Shadow Punch – Gengar
  13. Stone Edge – Balziken
  14. Hydro Cannon – Swampert
  15. Aeroblast – Lugia
  16. Frenzy Plant – Venusaur
  17. Outrage – Salamence
  18. Body Slam – Lickitung
  19. Icicle Spear – Walrein
  20. Sacred Fire – Ho-oh
  21. Earth Power – Garchomp
  22. Sacred Sword – Terrakion
  23. Blast Burn – Charizard
  24. Brutal Swing – Hydreigon
  25. Breaking Swipe – Rayquaza
  26. Breaking Swipe – Haxarous
  27. Fusion Bolt – Zekrom
  28. Fusion Flare – Reshiram

Out of these, Mewtwo’s Psystrike is regarded as the best Elite Charged TM among the players. The attack gives an edge to players in battles. And then the other Elite Charged TMs follow.

Pokémon Go-Best Elite Charged TMs and How to Get Them Explained

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How To Get Best Elite Charged TMs in Pokemon Go

To obtain the best Elite Charged TMs, players must reach level 19 in the Go Battle League. Once this level is achieved, players are assured of receiving Elite Charged TMs as rewards. Additionally, they can also find them in Community Day event boxes. You can check these by constantly checking with in-game Shop boxes. Also, players can earn Elite Charged TMs from some Timed and Special Researches as rewards.

Watch the video below to learn more about the best Elite Charged TMs and how to get them.

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