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How To Get Skiddo in Pokemon Go

by Pramuka Ramanayake
How To Get Skiddo in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go has been a fan favorite since its arrival. The developer, Niantic, captivates players with its unique blend of augmented reality and the beloved world of Pokemon. They continuously add new Pokemon to the game. Also, they launch recent events once a week to keep the game fresh and engaging. The latest addition to the game is Skiddo, a Grass-type Pokemon. Are you wondering how to get Skiddo in Pokemon Go? Let’s talk further.

Pokemon Go: How To Get Skiddo

Skiddo will debut in a new event called City Safari event. You must participate in these City Safari events to capture this new Pokemon. Niantic holds the City Safari events in different cities worldwide. 2023, the events will take place in Barcelona, Mexico City, and Seoul.

Find the schedule of events below:

  1. October 7-8 in Seoul
  2. October 13-14 in Barcelona
  3. November 3-4 in Mexico City

If you participate in these events, you will have a chance to encounter a wild Skiddo. Remember, Skiddo will only appear in these events, and maybe at a later date, Skiddo will appear worldwide.

Skiddo can be found in the wild and obtainable during these events through special 7km Eggs. If you hatch a Skiddo from one of these eggs, there is a possibility it will be shiny and will have a minimum IV score of 10/10/10.

Shiny Skiddo In Pokemon Go

If you wonder, can you catch a Shiny Skiddo during this event? The answer is Yes. You can catch Shiny Skiddo during the City Safari event. Participants in these events have a chance to find a Shiny Mount Pokemon.

How To Get Skiddo in Pokemon Go

Image Source: Niantic


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How To Evolve Skiddo

Once you’ve captured Skiddo, you can evolve it into Gogoat by giving it 50 candies. Suppose you’re lucky enough to catch a Shiny Skiddo. In that case, you can obtain a Shiny Gogoat by evolving your Shiny Skiddo.

Skiddo Moveset In Pokemon Go

Skiddo’s highest DPS moveset in Pokemon Go for Gym and PVP battles is Zen Headbutt and Seed Bomb.

  • Fast Attack: Zen Headbutt (10.9 DPS)
  • Charged Attack: Seed Bomb (31.4 DPS)

Additionally, Skiddo can also learn the following moves:

  • Fast Attack: Rock Smash (11.5 DPS)
  • Charged Attack: Rock Slide (29.6 DPS), Brick Break (25 DPS)

Watch the video below to learn more about the City Safari event in Pokemon Go.

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