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Slap Battles Halloween Update 2023

by Pramuka Ramanayake
Slap Battles Halloween Update 2023

In Roblox, there are many games users create. But some games are not much of a playable. Slap Battles is a captivating Roblox game. From time to time, the game developer introduces new updates to the Slap Battles. One such update is Halloween 2023. Recently, this update stirred up excitement among its players. Are you a player who wants to know about Slap Battles Halloween Update 2023? Let’s talk about further. 

Halloween Update 2023 In Slap Battles

The developers shared the Halloween update teaser on various platforms, which generated excitement within the gaming community. They also shared a “Countdown to the Halloween Update of 2023” video, a clever marketing strategy that successfully built up a player’s interest.

Furthermore, this Halloween update introduces a few new characters to the game. Two new characters, “Rattlebones” and “Hallowjack,” are presented with unique abilities and characteristics to enhance gameplay.

Another addition to this update is new music tracks. One such track is “COSMIC ARMAGEDDON – Scourge Of The U.”

As shown in one of the update teaser videos, the Halloween Update for 2023 promotes respect among players: “Let’s goooooo for the Halloween update – but please remember to play with respect.” This message underscores the significance of maintaining a positive and respectful gaming environment.

Slap Battles Halloween Update 2023

Image Source: Roblox via DV Plays screenshot

All Other New Additions In The Slap Battles 

Please see below for the latest additions to the Slap Battles Halloween update for 2023:

  1. Necromancer glove
  2. Reintroduced the Halloween map
  3. New badge called Sweet-Tooth Sovereign
  4. Jack’s Will is now obtainable again
  5. Candy King is now attainable again
  6. Witch Brew is now available again
  7. New Hallow Jack glove
  8. Expanded new lobby
  9. The game developers have reduced Whirlwind’s cooldown from 15 to 12 seconds.
  10. Snowball’s cooldown has been reduced from 13 seconds to 7 seconds
  11. Larry from Rattlebones buffed to be faster in rage mode
  12. Plague has been filed and now does double the damage it used to do
  13. A New Halloween-themed thumbnail added
  14. The admin glove Killerfish is now available for regular players to purchase for a single use at 99 Robux.

If you want to know about Necromancer glove in Slap Battles, watch the video below.


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