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How To Get Xbox Mastercard

by Isuru Fonseka
How To Get Xbox Mastercard

Xbox gamers can easily acquire the Xbox Mastercard for exclusive rewards. The Xbox Mastercard offers purchase points, which can be redeemed for prizes or used for gaming. It provides three free months of Game Pass, a valuable perk for new subscribers. Extra points are earned for transactions in the Microsoft Store and select streaming and food delivery services. Users can enjoy these benefits without an annual fee, but understanding APR is essential for responsible use.

Guide for Obtaining Xbox Mastercard

You can obtain an Xbox Mastercard by joining the Xbox Insider program and applying online. This card offers benefits like earning points and three free months of Game Pass for new subscribers.

The Xbox Mastercard is a credit card made by Microsoft in partnership with Barclays, a well-known bank. With this card, you can purchase and pay your statement monthly without worrying about interest charges or late fees.

Right now, the Xbox Mastercard is available in the United States. To apply, you need to be part of the Xbox Insiders program. Don’t worry; joining is easy and accessible, as shown below.

  1. Join Xbox Insiders: First, become an Xbox Insider. It’s a fun program that gives you early access to cool stuff, including the Mastercard. You can sign up on the Xbox Mastercard website.
  2. Complete the Application: Once an Xbox Insider, complete the application on Barclays’ website. If accepted, you’ll receive your card and start enjoying its benefits.

How To Use Xbox Master Card

You can benefit from an Xbox Master card as follows.

Earning Card Points

With the Xbox Mastercard, you earn card points for your purchases. These points can be used to get games and add-ons through Xbox.com.Here the Points System:

  • You get 5x card points when buying products at the Microsoft Store.
  • For streaming services like Netflix and Disney+, you earn 3x card points.
  • Dining delivery services like Grubhub and DoorDash also give you 3x card points.
  • All your everyday purchases bring in 1x card points.

Bonus Points and Free Game Pass

Get a bonus of 5,000 card points ($50!) after your first purchase. If you’re new to Game Pass, you’ll receive three months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Already have it? Share the fun with a friend.

Customize Your Card

Make your Mastercard unique by choosing from five cool designs featuring the Xbox logo and different colors. You can even add your gamertag to it.

Easy Payments and Protection

The Mastercard supports contactless payments and works with digital wallets. Are you worried about fraud? Don’t be. You won’t be responsible for unauthorized charges. Plus, you can check your FICO credit score for free.


How To Get Xbox Mastercard

Image source: news.xbox.com

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Here are some essential details about aboessentialNo annual fee for the Xbox Mastercard.

  • The APR varies based on your credit history.
  • Balance transfers and cash advances have the same APR rates.
  • There’s a 3% fee for foreign transactions.
  • Late and returned payment fees are $41, though it may differ by state.
  • Balance transfers and cash advances come with fees of either $10 or 5% of the transfer/advance amount, whichever is greater.

Getting the Xbox Mastercard is accessible and has some great perks for gamers. Join the Xbox Insiders program, apply for the card, and start earning card points for awesome rewards. With no annual fee and various benefits, it’s a card that can enhance your gaming experience. Examine the topic in more detail on Middle Aged Gaming’s channel.

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