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How To Get Necromancer in Slap Battles

by Mohamed Amhar
How To Get Necromancer in Slap Battles

One of the Gloves that chaos in Slap Battles is the Necromancer Glove, and all the players are wondering how to get it. This game is on Roblox, and Tencell created it. The game is very chaotic, considering that the game gets more interesting as you slap more people. Necromancer Glove is the latest glove you can acquire in the Slap Battles, and there are a few steps you need to follow. 

Getting the Necromancer in Slap Battles

You must have the infected, and the Sweet Tooth Sovereign badges to get your hands on the Necromancer glove in slap battles. These two badges alone will get you your very own Necromancer glove. But first, you must earn these two badges.

Let’s first focus on the infected badge. For this one, you need another player other than yourself. The other player must be wearing the plague glove as well. That player has to hit you with that glove, and once you get hit with that glove, you will receive the infected badge. 

After that, let’s move on to the Sweet-Tooth Sovereign badge. You must head to the standard arena and collect around 2000 candy corn. Use the Dream glove to do this since it will be a lot easier for you to order it. Also, this candy will last until the Halloween event ends, so hurry up. 

How To Get Necromancer in Slap Battles

Image source: Tencell via Rudy | Nancleox screenshot


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What Is Necromancer in Slap Battles?

Slap Battles is about slapping other players with unique gloves with unique abilities. The more slaps you land on other players, the better the gloves you can unlock. One of those gloves is the Necromancer. 

This glove can turn the players that you killed into zombies. If those zombies kill more players, then those players also become zombies. All these zombies will work for you, meaning they won’t try killing you but will kill other players. 

If you press E on your keyboard, you will teleport to the nearest zombie, but if you hold down the E button, you will respawn all of your zombies. This glove was part of the Halloween update for Slap Battles, so once this update is gone, it is also gone along with it. 

This glove also has a passive ability. When the player wearing the glove goes on a kill streak, they get an aura around them that gives them the plague effect for whoever they slap afterward. 

Watch more about the Halloween Update on Slap Battles by MrOriginalsRoblox below: 

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